Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

This forum will host a discussion into why Antarctica is the KEY to understanding the purpose behind this great globe/space deception. We will also discuss the real purpose for geoengineering and how that relates to climate change.

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Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

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Continued from part 1

Enter the rabbit hole - The more complete agenda behind geo-engineering

From Satan’s (and his minions’) point of view there is one primary ambition: breaking through the firmament, and assaulting and de-throning God, so he can usurp the throne. This has always been, and will always be his no.1 ambition. The book of Jasher clearly spells out that the tower of Babel was a failed attempt at exactly this. As a little topic on the side: I am aware that the currently circulating book of Jasher suddenly surfaced about 200 years ago, and there seems to be some talmudic undertones, so I do not completely trust it, as the original, or early versions are nowhere to be found for comparison. In the main however I believe a lot of what is in there is valid; maybe just edited somewhat by the scribes and rabbi's. As a rule of thumb, I like to corroborate modern scriptures with what we find in texts dating back before Christ (Qumran scrolls and the Septuagint), because after His resurrection the scribes and pharisees went to work on the Scriptures, so as to veil, or erase, direct references to Christ. This is why the Septuagint is more accurate than the Masoretic text. The Masoretic text dates from around 500 Ad, after the scribes have had their time with it, whilst the original Hebrew texts are "missing" (ie. probably in a Vatican vault, or a bunker archive under Jerusalem). This is easy to verify though, because we have the New Testament, which agrees verbatim with the Septuagint, and often does not fully correspond to the Masoretic text. Compare the Old Testament references and quotations Jesus and the apostles made, and often they do not fully match the Masoretic Text, but they agree verbatim with the Septuagint. That is why many scholars believe that the Septuagint was the "bible" that Jesus and the apostles used. I would propose that they could have also used the original Hebrew texts, of which the Septuagint is such an accurate translation that both of these completely agree with the New Testament, whichever one is used.

A lot of the geo-engineering activities we witness are directed at the firmament (since the days of operation fishbowl, operation dominic, operation starfish, HAARP & ionospheric heaters etc).

Actually this assault dates from much earlier than these… Richard E. Byrd’s 1928 book “SKYWARD” was written after his expedition to establish America’s first Antarctic base. The cover is a dead giveaway of the agenda: a depiction of the arch of the firmament, and the title “SKYWARD”.


Byrd was a freemason (Master Mason, Lodge no 1, Washington DC). Byrd also authored a book titled “Disciple – under the tree of life”. That’s disguised Kabbalah. I believe he definitely was an “illuminated insider” handpicked for the job.

His first Antarctic expedition of 1928 was sponsored by Edsel Ford and John D. Rockefeller Jr. What was their interest in this?

Later expeditions were funded by the US Government and the military

I believe I have discovered another major part of the agenda with the geo-engineering programme; another layer in this agenda, parallel to the first one. This, together with their assault on the firmament, stand above all their other secondary agendas (such as weather warfare, population culling, creating famines and pestilences, earthquakes etc…) This is why they are so besotted with Antarctica. This second part entails a programme that they kicked into gear because they are terrified of something…an understanding of which will only be gained by a study of the book of Enoch; specifically what I am referring to in the introductory parts of this writing… the Land of Fire in the West, Tierra del Fuego, West Antarctica, and what is happening there…

These entities, and their minions, know this prophecy, and have attempted to subvert and bury the Book of Enoch for millennia, but what they discovered in the past century has terrified them…”polar” ice melting, and the largest volcanic activity on earth discovered under Antarctica.

Scientists are now publically in a frenzy over it: ... 24e7a8346d ... eat-source ... gLunPD_BwE

They have come to the realization that a vast area of Antarctica (and more specifically, West Antarctica; ie. Tierra del Fuego and beyond) has begun its progress of heating up from beneath and will soon become a lake, and rivers, of fire again, as prophesied. The area that Admiral Byrd reported on, in his Longines Chronoscope interview, is exactly the same area as described by Enoch, where there were these mountains of metals.

Why does the front cover of Admiral Byrd’s third book “ALONE” (1938) depict the Antarctic landscape covered under a grid of chemtrails? …in 1938!


Why should chemtrails be depicted on his book cover in 1938? What was he signifying? That spraying solar dimming aerosols would be part of the future strategy? Admiral Byrd’s expeditions have a lot to do with this, and it was shortly after his first expedition in 1928 that experimentation and development of aircraft dispersed aerosols began. The first patent I could locate dates back to 1929.

Those entities and their minions are terrified, because they now know that their time is short, and they are trying to stop/delay this process by any means possible. They are pouring vast amounts of research and resources into attempts to prevent the Antarctic ice melt, and have thus created the global warming scare…their real fear is not global warming (as we all know is a scam) but specifically “west-antarctic warming”. This is what Operation Deepfreeze was really about. The effects of their attempts to mitigate this heating, is what produces “global warming” and “climate change”, and they will never, no can never, afford to stop geo-engineering, because it is the only thing that buys them time…they believe.

So what they are telling us is a disguised version of something that really scares them, and they are desperate. They are trying to scare us with ice-melts, saying that the water levels will rise and inundate many coastal cities…while they know the earth is founded upon water, and it will rise with the water – no sea levels have risen on any coast anywhere, and they know this, but they are trying to scare us into consent with all their programs.

Antarctica is being hidden (Antarctic Treaty) for two reasons: to hide the firmament, and to hide what they are really attempting to achieve there. One specific area of their research is all about drilling deep down in order to establish how close the heat is getting, and what activity there is going on deep below the ice. To them it is their barometer of how much time they still have, and they are becoming very worried.

Why was Byrd’s last series of expeditions labelled Operation DEEPFREEZE? Does this name tell us something?

One of Byrd’s co-workers in Operation Deepfreeze II was another US Navy member named Lisle A. Rose. Aboard the icebreaker Staten Island he participated in Operation Deepfreeze II to Antarctica between November 1956 and April 1957. He wrote a book about this whole endeavour (Operation Deepfreeze) which he tellingly named “ASSAULT ON ETERNITY”. How more blatant could this agenda be spelled out?


Rose was there, he knew Byrd, and he knew what this was all about…

Rose’s career notably followed an interesting path after this expedition…

Rose joined the U.S. Department of State's Historical Office from 1972-78 where he was one of a team of professional historians editing the ongoing official series Foreign Relations of the United States. Transferring to the Bureau of Oceans and International Environment and Scientific Affairs, Rose was Polar Affairs Officer from 1978 to 1982 where he prepared an Arctic policy statement, negotiated the annual U.S. scientific program in Greenland with the Government of Denmark, and helped form an Interagency Arctic Policy Group to formulate official U.S. policy on that region. In 1980, he was a member of the United States Delegation to the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. In 1982 Rose transferred to the Office of Advanced Technology Affairs where he specialized in the international aspects of the U.S. Landsat earth remote sensing satellite program and was part of a two person negotiating team that with representatives from the Soviet Union, France, and Canada completed the COSPAS-SARSAT

In other words, Rose was appointed into various high profile positions where he could expand and further this agenda via newer technologies, and act as gatekeeper in his capacity as official writing/editing historian.

I have not gotten hold of any of these above depicted books, but I believe, apart from some snippets where we may be able to read between the lines, these books were written by “gatekeepers”, and they will not lead us to the truth. But I think the covers, the titles, headlines, graphics and so on, are channels of communication among those in the know, and the covers of these books actually reveal more than what the content does….in other words, the book’s content is for the “sheeple” while the cover communicates the true agenda.

I have concluded that both this operation’s name, and the title of the book reveal another aspect of the agenda – to delay/cool/freeze the development of the lake of fire. The name “Operation Deepfreeze” tells us what they want to do (freeze it), and the book title tells us that this operation constitutes their assault on the lake of fire; which to them represents “Eternity” …their eternal destination which they know, and are trying to escape.

Cryptically: “We assault eternity by trying to deep freeze it.”

The effects we experience

Many of the very large geo-engineering programmes we witness today are carried out for the specific effects they have on both the Arctic and Antarctic, whilst meanwhile their side effects are manifesting observable all over the world. The particle dusts form volcanic eruptions (many are triggered), aircraft aerosol sprays, smog from huge wildfires, all tend to migrate and accumulate to the “poles” (the North, and the ends of the earth), where they cause massive solar dimming and cooling. The smog of the 2007 California fires did temporarily halt the ice melt in the Arctic for the whole of 2008. The current torrent of uncontrolled wild fires (most of which are DEW ignited) serve the same purpose (in addition to Agenda 21 of course)…and the fires in the Amazon are aimed to affect the Antarctic, and probably most notably the area at the extremity of South America (Tierra del Fuego, and beyond). They are attempting to plunge us into an “ice age”, to try and stall what is happening in Antarctica, but it is not really working. The reasons are as follows:

Since we live in a closed system, any energy requiring activity; any cooling effect (Operation Deepfreeze), is in actual fact a heat-exchange process. To cool down one area necessitates the heat energy transfer to another area. Thus, while they are trying to cool Antarctica, many other places on the earth are frying, and having severe heat waves and droughts. This is basic thermodynamics in a closed system. The development of scalar interferometry (received from the fallen ones no doubt - there is a dark side to this technology that science cannot readily explain – research the work of Lt Col Tom Bearden for more specifics ) has enabled them to extract energy (heat) from a remote location (to freeze it).

Refer "Tesla Howitzer" in endothermic mode: ... #1howitzer
“In a second howitzer mode called the "endothermic" mode, the howitzer sucks energy out of the target area, essentially creating a blast of cold at the distant target. It is even capable of freezing parts of the ocean… In the endothermic mode the sucked-out energy must go somewhere, so it is vented out at some other chosen spot on the earth.”

Of course this necessitates that this energy must exit elsewhere. Just like Tesla could put electricity into the earth at a given location, and extract it wirelessly at another remote location, so they have reverse engineered this concept with other forms of energy (eg heat). So, in the 70’s and 80’s they were conditioning and predictive programming us for a coming “ice age”, but they had to flip 180° to “global warming” in the 90’s, when they fully comprehended the heat exchange effect in a closed system. Subsequently the up-and–down havoc and extremes that the intensified geo-engineering process has caused, has led them to flip that again to “climate change”, because the effects of scalar interferometry can cause areas of freezing temperatures next to areas of extreme heat (eg the unnatural disparities often seen between the western and eastern parts of the US...the East freezes while the West scorches). The sudden, unprecedented large and rapid temperature fluctuations that many regions experience are totally unnatural, and in the natural cycle almost impossible...this is scalar technology at work; cloaked weather warfare destroying crops and harvests on a massive scale. Actually, I believe, the directing of where, into which region, or country, or upon whom, this “by product” energy is being released, doubles as part of their weather warfare strategy. I believe the sudden flash cold that recently hit the US; pandered by the media and weather channels as "an Arctic blast", has been engineered, steered and then bolstered with scalar interferometry in order to intensify the cold effect.

The weather extremes are now reaching such proportions, that they have had to come up with another “scientific finding” (a lie, of course) to explain the havoc: the “Grand Solar Minimum”. This latest little hobby horse has been covertly slipped to the “alternative media”, and the “truther community”, and they are now running amok with it. Those “truthers” who refuse to believe in the true cosmology are especially prone to this deception.

Back to the subject: What roles do CERN and ITER, and many other installations play in this Antarctic agenda? Very little is known or published about ITER, but the claims are that “scientists” are building an “artificial sun” or a “neutron star”. Where does all the energy for this “neutron star” come from? What if all these giant installations each form part of a massive interconnected scalar weapon? Is ITER not maybe an exit point and containment facility for some of this energy drained from elsewhere? My postulation is that they are trying to contain the excess scalar diverted energy emanating from Antarctica, else it will cause too much worldwide heat and destruction too rapidly; in almost the same way nuclear fission energy is contained in a reactor – but on a vast, vast, grand scale…

They might possibly re-direct this energy as a driver for their primary agenda - Ionospheric heaters (attempts to melt through the firmament) may be powered by this. In actuality, I believe, they are trying to harness and re-direct this energy in an attempt assault God thereby.

HAARP is old technology, more modern versions masquerade as stellar observatories with huge arrays of directable, focusable dish antennae – research the SKA installations in various locations in the world. Bear in mind that everything and anything that purports to be directed towards "outer space" actually has a totally different purpose, because there is no such thing as "outer space".

Some of the new faces of “HAARP”



Diagram compiled by Lt Col T.E. Bearden, at the time, the US Military’s foremost expert on Scalar weaponry.









And...of course, there are the cell towers all over the earth



And do not forget these...they pulse subliminal infrasound at extremely low frequencies:
There are videos on the internet of such wind turbines that are rotating in opposite directions, implying that they are being powered, and not spun by wind. There are videos of others that have broken off blades, but are still turning...again, implying that, just like a hydro-electric turbine, these things could be used both ways. It could be used to generate current from wind turning the turbine, or it can be used to create wind and pulsed energy by reversing the current flow, and turning it into a massive electric fan. It is a simple reverse-polarity machine that can be either a generator or a motor.

No need for the old HAARP at Gakona Alaska; there now are multitudes of modern variants and installations all over the world, which far exceed HAARP's capabilities. Take some time to research the size and heavy gauge copper cabling that run up cell towers…that is definitely not for phone transmissions, which are, by regulation, low power (mostly around 400 watt) output. The copper cabling in some of the larger towers are heavy enough to handle hundreds of kilowatts, and they are positioned close to high capacity power lines. They are actually more reminiscent of Tesla’s towers, or GWEN towers, and they are literally all over the earth, and linked via internet (CERN and Quantum D Wave access). Consider that the first cell phones the old "brick" models actually worked without there yet having been a plethora of cell towers deployed everywhere. They sold the idea of cell towers to the public on this ticket, but these actually have another purpose.

Systems like these, together with sea based, land based, and aircraft dispersed aerosol agents, are the real causes of "climate change", which mankind is being blamed for, and taxed for (carbon tax), in order to help fund these projects

Does this all sound far-fetched? In 2017 a whole number of huge wave anomalies coming from Antarctica were detected on systems and weather radars. It sparked quite an uproar on the internet at the time. Since then there have been “filters” installed that layer out these wave patterns, so that they are often not publically visible anymore. Here are some of the 2017 articles that caused such frenzy: ... video.html ... video.html ... ntarctica/

Time is running out – for “them”

They have kicked everything into high gear, because they know their time is running out. The powers of evil are working on a multi-faceted approach:

1. Delay / freeze the lake of fire until they can find a way “to deal with God”. This is critical for them to try and buy more time.
2. Attempt to break through the firmament and try to dethrone God.
3. Corrupt the seed (genetics) so that there will be no mankind for Christ to return to (a person that has been genetically modified is not human anymore – this has been the agenda before the flood; and it is the same today).
4. Build super armies, super soldiers and super weapons; in order to prepare for their final showdown, when they amass all their fantastic military power in the great plain of Megiddo, to make one final assault when Christ returns on a white horse, followed by the armies of heaven. (By this time the lake of fire will be fully ready to receive the beast and the false prophet. The rest will join them later.)

In these projects lie their only hope to escape their eternal destiny, which they can now see heating up in West Antarctica; and thus they are betting everything they have on these strategies. They are desperate, and their time is running out.

Ps 2: “God will laugh at them”.

Why do the heathen rage? They are in a rage, because they realize their time is short; and the dragon has great wrath because he knows his time is short. They see the lake of fire starting to materialize, and are enraged and frustrated that their time to devise their scheme is running out. They are angry because God does not afford them enough time to accomplish their grand project. Tower of Babel 2.0.

God will laugh at them…Maranatha!

How does all this connect with a "Green Horse"? I will address that subject in part 3, coming soon.
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Re: Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

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Living in Fairbanks, I'm familiar with a few of the "HAARP" images.
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Re: Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

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Great work, Paul! I’ve heard about many of the things you’ve mentioned here, at various times, from different sources. But you are the first to have tied together so many of the loose ends where it actually all makes perfect sense now. I am especially blown away about the SETI parabolic dishes. They know that there’s no “space”, so what are they “listening” for? Are they eves dropping on YHVH? Doubtful, but possibly those are part of the weapons system to be used against Him. Again... my mind is melting right now.

Thank you!
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Re: Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

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How can I thank you enough for bringing all the tidbits I knew together. I more than appreciate you sharing all this information. May God richly bless you and keep you.
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Re: Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

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Excellent research brother! Like others who replied, I never knew how all their technology tied together; you put it together in a very understandable way. Thanks and God bless!

Re: Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

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Brother Paul! I have not still processed all of this information yet, but so much of it resonates with my spirit, as a lot of your writing has thus far (emails included 😃).

Much love to you and may you continue to receive revelation on matters of truth, and speak it (write it) in love, at the appointed times. 🙌🏼

Love, Caleb
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Re: Antarctica: A closed system and a very deep rabbit hole - part 2

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Brother Paul!

Both Part I & II gave me chills! I couldn't even sleep after reading them, because my brain was busy putting all puzzles together! I felt like I did back then when I first came across the Book of Enoch!

The Most High hears prayer indeed! Because I prayed to him that I may be refreshed by a new revelation regarding Enoch in order that I feel like back then! And who knew it would happen by this post!


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