The Firmament - The most glaring Truth in Scripture

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The Firmament - The most glaring Truth in Scripture

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With so many references in the Bible, the firmament (Dome) is the best place to start your study, establishing your case for enclosed cosmology against globe believing Christians. Of course that topic begins at the beginning, in Genesis one.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."
Psalm 19:1
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Re: The Firmament - The most glaring Truth in Scripture

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There are of course Christians (eg Kent Hovind, whom I have a lot of respect for) who claim that the "firmament" was some kind of nebulous water/vapour canopy at the time of creation, and that it collapsed at the time of Noah, thus bringing the flood.
The problem with this theory however is that this "firmament" and "the waters above", which it is upholding, are still present when the Holy Spirit inspired the writers of the Psalms, as evidenced in Psalm 19 and also Psalm 148.
Secondly, the original Hebrew word for "firmament" (raqiya) clearly refers to a solid, firm structure, and that is why the English translation also contains the root word "firm".
The above, and more, are evident in the above video, but I just added this note for the benefit of those who do not take the time to watch it.
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