How do we respond to claims of “accusing Christian astronauts of being liars”?

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How do we respond to claims of “accusing Christian astronauts of being liars”?

Post by Caleb4life »

So, I’ve had a few convo’s with dear saints whom I love and trust about the whole Christian astronaut thing.

One dear brother whom I have known for years even personally knew a NASA employee that was involved with some level of screening astronauts, if I remember correctly.

He knew her to be a sincere Christian, and so when I broached flat earth with him, he immediately became skeptical of it because “how could someone he knows be involved in such a big conspiracy?”. He said she personally knew astronauts, and surely they would not lie.

Then there are the astronauts who go around to churches and give speeches on their faith, and God’s creation from the heliocentric perspective.

For now, I am compelled to simply leave it at “love believes the best” about each individual, until I meet them personally, or have a more intimate understanding of who they truly are.

Practically speaking, that means I do not accuse any brethren or sisters of lying about the shape of the earth, especially if I do not know them personally, but I also do not take their word that we live on a globe either.

I stand firm in my convictions, exhort people to keep researching, study God’s word and pray for revelation of the truth (while I continue doing the same), and leave it at that.

I can say with a clear conscience that at the highest levels, I believe NASA, and all worldwide space agencies, are perpetuating a lie.

How do you all handle those conversations about NASA and Christian astronauts?

Much love to you in Christ Jesus!
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Re: How do we respond to claims of “accusing Christian astronauts of being liars”?

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There is a way that these astro-not's are maintaining their integrity, at least within their own conscience. They could be the victims of mind control. MK Ultra (by name only) ended just after the last Apollo mission and it could be they actually believe they did what they're told they did. I honestly believe these government funded programs continue to this day and are likely way more advanced then they were back then.

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Re: How do we respond to claims of “accusing Christian astronauts of being liars”?

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I've had similar conversations with people who just can't wrap their heads around the level of conspiracy and deception it would take to hide the shape of the Earth. I often hear, "but there are so many sincere Christians that work for NASA. Are you calling them all liars?" Nope. Because like any military organization, for national security reasons everything is compartmentalized and on a need to know basis. The guy building the satellites is building real satellites. The guy building the spacesuits is building real spacesuits. The guy building the rockets is building real rockets, and so on. I don't know anyone who actually knows an astronaut, so I've never been faced with this dilemma. If I did, it would definitely be awkward.

I am convinced space is a lie. So if a Christian person testifies to being in space, I am highly suspicious. Now, could there be something that these astronauts go to way up in the upper reaches of the atmosphere where it is close to vacuum conditions? Perhaps. If this is the case, I don't think they are going on rockets, but rather balloons. If there are people up there, I would have no way to verify or prove otherwise. I can only assume there are not any humans up there, due to the obvious fraud going on with NASA's videos of astronauts on "spacewalks" and inside the ISS. But... I do suspect there are some kind of operations taking place up there. I believe NASA knows about the domed firmament. What it is they are doing is anyone's guess. Have they figured out a way to attach equipment to the ceiling? Are they trying to figure out a way to get through it? What if they could succeed? I know that sounds wacky, but scripture seems to indicate that God knew Nimrod could accomplish his goal to storm the gates of heaven, if allowed to continue. So, what if NASA is already through the dome, and their astronauts are actually exploring the waters above? I know it sounds laughable, but bubbles in "space" would make more sense. Maybe that's why NASA does so much "training" in water? They fake the videos of the ISS to give us the impression it's a weightless vacuum, only to keep up the "infinite universe" charade, but in fact are actually exploring the waters above the dome?

So don't take anything I just said too seriously. I'm not saying this is what I believe. I know the above speculations are way off topic, but I'm just kinda spitballin' in order to wrap my head around what a "true Cristian" astronaut might be actually doing up there.

I dunno.

I do have a lot of experience with people who call themselves Christians, but are liars. But deep down, I want to think the best of people, not the worst. The MK Ultra theory is an interesting idea.
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