Is Antarctica The Key To Flat Earth? {video}

Is Social Media responsible for this growing movement or is it in fact Divine Revelation?
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Is Antarctica The Key To Flat Earth? {video}

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This is ground breaking
Here is a very well researched and produced video by Greg Reese.
Mr. Reese is an investigative journalist for Alex Jones of

The best part is that it dedicates most of the nearly ten minutes to Antarctica.
There is soon going to be a lot revealed about how that so-called continent is the key to why there is this huge, centuries long deception.
I will give you a few hints:
1) 1587 Urbano Monte Map (southern tip of South America)
2) The Book of Enoch
3) The climate change, global warming hoax and geoengineering/chem-trails.

Now, go and watch this short video. Be sure and share it with your globe-believing friends and family.

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