Pastor On Call | Biblical Cosmology: Episode 2

Does your Pastor know the truth of biblical cosmology? This forum contains a ten episode series of Pastors across America live on call discussing Genesis 1:6 & the firmament.
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Pastor On Call | Biblical Cosmology: Episode 2

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Re: Pastor On Call | Biblical Cosmology: Episode 2

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This Pastor says that the stories of a literal six day creation, Adam and Eve, a literal world-wide flood and "THE DEFINITION OF THE FIRMAMENT" are divisive? That the Bible is not a science book, it is a spiritual book.

Nathaniel makes an excellent point saying he sees how those topics could be seen as divisive, but only to those who try to reconcile modern cosmogony with ancient cosmogony, completely disregarding what is written.

Although the Pastor implies that the writers, especially Moses in Genesis 1:6 were ignorant of modern cosmogony, he stops short of saying they wrote in error. I think this is the dominant unadmitted position of most church leaders. They simply call this passage divisive and any who ask honest questions about what this passage really means. You are a divisive person for even asking these questions.

In my personal experiences with the Elders of my church, this is absolutely the presumption of the leadership.

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