Questions for your Pastor, Teacher, Elders and Seminary Professors

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Questions for your Pastor, Teacher, Elders and Seminary Professors

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Below is a starter list of questions that you can copy and paste onto a letter or email. Questions that you can ask the leadership of your own church or seminary. The video is embedded in the message. When pasting, replace the video with the link alone.

This is Part One of other parts that will follow. It isn't unreasonable to expect your church leaders to defend their Copernican beliefs according to the Scriptures alone. Don't tolerate any use of conjecture, or implication of metaphor, allegory or of the limitations of the writers cultural understanding of their day. The Bible clearly tells us when metaphor or allegory is being used. Was it real water God used to flood the Earth?

~~~~~~~~ Copy for Paste below ~~~~~~~~~

Brothers’ in Christ,

Could this be the greatest challenge of your life?
This revelation is growing, it’s not going away. You might as well begin now, trying to answer these before your own congregations and families demand answers.

Question #1:
Listen to this 4 min 52 sec clip of RC Sproul trying to answer the question about the age of the universe:

“… at the same time, you get all this expanding universe and all this astronomical data and triangulation and all that stuff coming from outside the church, that makes me wonder …”

Was Dr. Sproul in direct contradiction with Scripture, specifically, Genesis 2:1 “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.”

Question #2:
Genesis 1:6-7 says: “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.”

God has purpose in everything He says and does. These passages are no exception to this fact. Ask yourself, what was God’s purpose in creating the firmament?
It’s pretty clear that the firmament was created to separate water from water.

Where is that water above the firmament today?

You can’t say it disappeared at the flood of Noah’s day, because David in the Psalms, 1,500 years after the flood testifies the water is still there (Psalm 148:4; Psalm 18:11).

Question #3
What is the literal meaning of the firmament?
Don’t start and finish with just the answer Strong’s gives. That is by no means an exhaustive definition.
The word in Hebrew is “Raqia(7549)” and the word in the Greek is “Stereoma”.
Both need to be researched since it is commonly held that the first century Church and Jesus Himself read from the Septuagint.
Both should be researched using sources such as the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon and a Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint.

Question #4
What is the literal meaning of heaven?
Again, I will say that you cannot do an exhaustive study of this word “Shamayim” simply using the Strong’s.
This word needs to be defined in its two parts: “Sham(8033)” and “Mayim (4325)”

These questions are strictly questions of what the Bible says. They are not to be answered by what these so-called students of natural revelation say. Do not let yourself be swayed by anything you personally believe or what you have personally been told or observed from modern science.

These are but four questions of many that need to be answered by those who say they know the holy Scriptures.

P.S. BTW, don’t try and use Isaiah 40:22 (circle of the Earth) as an out. The Hebrew word for circle is Chug (2329). Looking into this with the BDB lexicon, you will be surprised at what it means.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Copy/Paste ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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