Chuck Missler - Was He a Closet Flat Earther?

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Chuck Missler - Was He a Closet Flat Earther?

Post by DaveyT » September 24th, 2018, 9:02 pm

I think he may have been.

This video is perfect if you are wanting a globe-believing Christian you know to start thinking within our context of the end-times.

In the early days of my new birth, I loved going to listen to him speak on Monday nights at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa
This man was a genius, the best part, he was a Christian genius who had the courage to discuss Biblical and extra biblical topics no one would ever dare to. He had the best ability to mingle current events and prophecy, which made him so popular among young Christians.

This video has an amazing amount of information regarding what many who are new to this cosmological awakening are just beginning to realize. To realize just where Scientism has been taking humanity. Their evil plan to bring the fallen watchers and technology together in antichrist.

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Re: Chuck Missler - Was He a Closet Flat Earther?

Post by Robot Kontroler » October 13th, 2018, 12:33 am

Wow! That was a great teaching from Dr. Missler! Thank you for posting!

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