Pastor On Call | Biblical Cosmology: Episode 1

Does your Pastor know the truth of biblical cosmology? This forum contains a ten episode series of Pastors across America live on call discussing Genesis 1:6 & the firmament.

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Pastor On Call | Biblical Cosmology: Episode 1

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Re: Pastor On Call | Biblical Cosmology: Episode 1

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That was interesting. I’m not a Pastor, but I spent 5 years in Bible College. I won’t name the college or it’s denominational affiliation, but it was mainline Protestant. I can tell you, that my Professors had some pretty varied and wacky beliefs. My Professor for a Pentateuch class I took, did not believe in a literal Adam and Eve. His belief was that they were archetypes for early humans, but not literal individuals. Blew my mind at the time, and shook my confidence in the quality of the education I was receiving. Now, I think I’ve probably forgotten 90% or more of what I ever learned in school. The subjects in which I am most proficient, are those that I continue to pursue out of personal interest. I would wager that most Pastors are similar. You can easily catch them off guard with regard to cosmology, because they haven’t been focusing on it. Most Pastors today seem to be more focused on the New Testament and steer clear of the Old Testament because it’s “just for the Jews”. They will perhaps cherry pick a few passages from the O.T., to illustrate certain points, but by and large, it is evident that the focus is on the N.T. in the modern Church. This is pretty scary actually, since two thirds of our Bible is the O.T., and is still the eternal and unchanging Word of our Creator. How can our “teachers” in whom the Church puts it’s trust, have a correct understanding of the end of the Book, if they don’t read the beginning? Not just read, but study the beginning of the Book. I recognize that I’m making broad generalizations here, and that there are many exceptional Pastors who love the Word and are willing to wrestle with some of the meatier questions. But by and large, in my personal experience, many Pastors have the same scales over their eyes that the laity have. It’s the blind leading the blind.

You do good work, Nathaniel. Especially because you are using a gentle and humble approach. Pastors are flawed men just like the rest of us. Most deserve our respect, but some don’t. You can sense a prideful spirit. By approaching them with humility and respect, while you may not change their minds, you at least get them thinking, and then the Holy Spirit can do His job.
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